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Offered to all Chandler and Alden students on most early release and professional development days.

Thanksgiving Coffee House 2015

Thanksgiving Coffee House

Join us the day after thanksgiving for one of our favorite events of the year where we host talented DHS and DSU alums on college break along with some our local shining stars.  Tickets are available at the door, Friday November 27th, show starts at 7pm!

  • After School

    Learn more about our MA Dept. of EEC licensed After School Programs featuring social connection, “backyard” play, and emphasis on academics and organization.

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    All DSU events are age appropriate, safe, supervised, with a culture of respect and accountability. Learn more about our unique dances, parties, and team dinners.

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    Our mission is to provide big world opportunities to all Duxbury youth through education, leadership, volunteering, mentoring, and community service.

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    Located in the center of the school campus in the historic Wright Building, DSU is the epicenter for youth and the perfect landing pad for busy teens.

Amazing Things Happen Here

Amazing Things Happen Here

Check out just a few of the incredible things Duxbury youth are doing at DSU.


2015 Highlights

After School Programs

After School Programs

Register for after school programs, submit forms, make payments.


After School Programs

Halloween Candy Giveback 2015

Halloween Candy Giveback 2015

Drop your unopened Halloween candy at DSU starting Monday November 2nd!


Candy Giveback 2015