Dear Friends,

Summer Math Tutoring at DSU: DHS National Honor Society students helping Middle School Students complete required summer math packet.

Thank you for your continued support of the Duxbury Student Union, our community youth center now in it’s eighth year of operation.

It seems like just yesterday, yet it’s been 12 years since our founders began seeking funding to create DSU and establish a central location to operate. Back then the social, emotional, academic and risk landscape for young people was concerning. Today, the landscape for teens is increasingly, and incredibly, complicated! Now more than ever, Duxbury youth need the influence of a youth center.

This year we’ve made a paradigm shift expanding our popular after school program, and becoming a major contributor in our community with innovative wide-reaching events and partnerships. We’ve developed overarching goals supporting our mission to serve all Duxbury youth and through the generosity of donors like you, we have provided young people with truly unique opportunities for growth, education and to develop and share skills in a number of areas.

Old fashioned unstructured backyard pickup games. No parents coaching on the sidelines.

We know by reaching kids as early as third grade through our state-licensed after school program (that is fully self-funded by participants), we establish a lifelong relationship that begins with afternoon care and morphs along the way as the student navigates middle school, high school and the path to higher education. DSU has become a whole lot more than just an after school program, it’s a way of life for Duxbury’s young people.

We’re most proud of our “old school” curriculum encouraging unstructured backyard play so rare these days with growing Club sports and frenetic nature of our schedules, and nurturing the much needed face-to-face social connection so lacking in a world of online “friends” and “likes”.

Your investment in DSU today supports our programming developed to address critical youth education with emphasis on Academics, Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships, Ethics, Outreach, Honoring Community Traditions, Leadership and Scholarship. Your donations have allowed us to develop strong community partnerships and implement wide reaching programming in concert with the Public Schools, Duxbury Police Department, Duxbury Senior Center, and numerous non-profits like the Duxbury Interfaith Council.

Please make a donation today, in any amount that is right for you. You can rest assured we will use your investment wisely to impact a wide range of ages.

With Sincerest Gratitude,

Sue Bradford, Executive Director & Allison Berry,  DSU Board President