DMS “All-Access Pass”


The DMS Annual Access Pass is available to all 6th, 7th & 8th Graders and allows daily access, Monday – Friday from 2:45pm – 5pm, to the Duxbury Student Union.


Students may choose to attend as often as they like during the week for an insanely affordable $199 one-time annual fee.

Registration Forms

Monday – Friday Schedule

 2:45pm to 5:00pm

  • DMS students walk independently to DSU and sign in at the front desk.
  • Enjoy time to blow off steam
  • Participate in organized group activities, or get a head start on homework independently.
  • The student is free to come and go, move about the school campus, or to athletic and academic engagements per parent authorization.
  • Students must sign in upon entering DSU and sign out upon exit.
  • All enrollment forms must be completed, signed by parents, and on file at DSU in order for the student to attend.

2016 – 2017 Fees

DSU Annual Access Pass for Middle School Students Grade 6 – 8.

2:45pm to 5pm

DSU Access Pass Annual Fee (Monday – Friday)