DSU Code of Conduct 2016-2017

Please read, review with your student(s) and sign form for each student enrolled in the program.

The DSU Code of Conduct is presented to provide students and others in the DSU community with a clear understanding of DSU’s expectations for participant conduct, demeanor, and actions while at DSU. All participants of DSU After School Programs as well as DSU Special Events are required to read and understand the DSU Code of Conduct.


The primary purpose of our coming together each day is to develop each student’s character, personal interests, talents, and sense of self. Accordingly, the purpose of DSU’s Code of Conduct is to foster and preserve a positive, creative, engaging, challenging, safe, and inclusive environment. The DSU community expects all of its members to conduct themselves according to a set of principles based on respect, responsibility, honesty, gratitude, humility and consideration of others in the community. The social culture at DSU is grounded largely in respect for one another, and good manners.


DSU Program and Event Participant Rights
Duxbury Student Union values and supports every participant in our after school programs and special events. The DSU pledges to protect the right of all participants to:

  • Take part in interesting programs and activities
  • Be treated in a courteous, consistent and professional manner
  • Be expressive and creative without judgment
  • Be treated with dignity and respect by other participants
  • Participate in a safe, supervised and clean environment

The DSU Code of Conduct ensures safety and enjoyment for all participants. The following essential expectations are always in effect at DSU, and all other DSU rules arise from these expectations:

  1. All youth must adhere to the DSU rules at all times.
  2. Alden Participants must sign in with youth counselors and demonstrate calm/respectful behavior in the Alden Lobby (no opening backpacks, no electronics, no phones.) Transition to DSU must be orderly, no running, remain on sidewalks.  All Alden participants will be supervised during the transition.
  3. Alden Participants are released only to parent or authorized guardian at pick-up, unless other dismissal plan is provided in writing by parent.
  4. DMS Participants must check-in upon arrival at DSU and checkout upon departure each day.
  5. No abuse or mistreatment (verbal and/or physical) of DSU equipment, facilities, staff, other participants, visitors, and volunteers.
  6. All youth must wear shirts, shoes and/or sneakers at all times; appropriate attire is expected at all youth functions
  7. Youth must sign-up for computer usage and adhere to sharing policies
  8. No running, wrestling or horseplay inside/outside of facilities
  9. Eating and drinking is allowed only on the main floor.
  10. All rights of others must be respected.
  11. No tobacco products allowed. Smoking, exchanging of tobacco or drugs are not    permitted on property/facilities.
  12. No inappropriate language, behavior, or excessive arguing
  13. Electronics including iPods, iPads, computers, cell phones and other devices are best kept at home or in backpacks; all youth have access to house phone at any time
  14. Deposit all litter into the containers provided.  Recycle all glass, paper, and aluminum in the proper containers.
  15. Respect the property of all participants.  Theft will not be tolerated.

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