Healthy Choices

Emily, Olivia and Greta at Food for Thought FairYoung people and adults alike are faced with a wide range of choices and every choice has a consequence.  At DSU we encourage young people to make healthy choices ranging from nutrition and fuel for our bodies to saying NO to alcohol and other illegal substances.  Fundraising dollars have allowed us to implement free of charge community events that address healthy choices for youth and families like our Food for Though Farmers’ Market and Fair, Dare to Dream panel of successful female DHS grads, 5th Grade Boys and Girls Night Out.  Each event provided a relevant interactive experience to get youth and families talking about good choices. In addition,  we began the 2014-2015 school year by overhauling our menu choices at the Blender Cafe, with surprisingly little resistance from students!  Adding new healthy and heartier menu options for after school fuel has translated to better behavior and more endurance for long afternoons of homework and play.

Committed to youth development and keeping our ears to the ground, we continuously engage our staff in professional development in emergency training, suicide prevention, and social, emotional and behavioral education helping us guide our program participants facing daunting choices each day.

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