Tuesday DSU Celebrates Chinese New Year!

We get it! A “staycation” can actually be more work than a vacation with parents taking on the roles of 24/7 Activities Directors, Short Order Chefs and Logistics Managers! DSU to the rescue! Send us your highly spirited “staycationers” from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Tuesday, February 20th through Thursday February 22nd. Early birds can come at 8:00 am and enjoy a breakfast you’d only dream about, sign up here for Breakfast Club!!!  Open to Chandler, Alden, DMS & Duxbury students attending out of town schools.


On Tuesday, we’ll be ringing in the Chinese New Year! Learn Chinese customs, master eating Chinese cuisine with chopsticks and compete for Chinese coins, collected during the day. Make a dragon worthy of any Chinese New Year parade!


Pack for all seasons, we’ll be swimming at the pool like it’s Atlantis and making snow forts like it’s Vermont! All camp days include swimming at Percy Walker Pool. The Percy Walker Pool permission slip can be found here. Please also bring snow gear for outdoor time.

First time? Please fill out a camp registration form found here.

Open to Chandler, Alden and DMS students & house guests. Bring lunch or purchase a lunch/snack stipend for all you can eat pancakes, My Little Bakery grilled cheese or Benchwarmers Pizza.  Purchase a $7 lunch and snack punch card for the Blender Cafe! Purchase your punchcard here.

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