2016 – 2017 After School Program Registration

We are thrilled to announce our 2016 – 2017 After School Program offerings!


Registration is now open to families currently enrolled in DSU after school programs. Registration is a two part process including program payment and completion of required forms.  Please review instructions carefully and contact admin@duxburystudentunion.com with any questions.

Program Descriptions

Below you will find a checklist of forms required by the MA Dept. of Early Education & Care.  Your student registration is not complete until these forms are filled out to the best of your ability and submitted electronically.

Due to strict EEC regulations, DSU is unable to admit students to the program until all required forms are submitted.  Priority placement will be given to students with complete information on file.

Program payment in full, or, a non-refundable* program deposit with a commitment to a 10-month payment plan is required in addition to the above mentioned forms to fulfill your student’s registration.


*Program deposits are non-refundable

Student Enrollment Forms

Each student registered in DSU After School Programs must have a fully executed copy of each of the following forms (#1 – 5)  in their file to comply with EEC regulations.  We’ve done our best to eliminate redundant information requests and automate where at all possible.

Please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your web browser when completing forms, in order to avoid problems with the signature pad. Thank you.

Forms #5 & #6 are required for chronic or short term medical needs.  Both require hard copies signed by physicians, see descriptions and instructions below.


Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully submit these forms to help us provide the best after school experience for your child.


Please complete a full set of forms for each student you are registering.  

1. Student Enrollment Form

If you are registering one or more students, please create one full set of forms for each student attending.  This 4-page, online form requests family contact information, health information, social and learning styles, and important waivers/releases.


Please allow yourself sufficient time to complete this information thoughtfully to help us get to know your child and provide the best possible after school experience!

2. First Aid and Emergency Medical Care Form

This online form authorizes DSU to take action in the event your child requires medical attention. Please provide 3 emergency contacts in the order to be contacted along with Health Insurance Information.

3. Transportation Plan & Authorization Form

This form authorizes other adults or caregivers to pick up your child (not to be confused with medical emergency contacts).


Please do your best to provide information on this form with information you know today, this form is required upon registration.  You may update this plan in September, or at any time throughout the year to communicate authorization for your child to walk to on-campus locations, athletics or academic engagements, or to authorize other parents in the program for pickup.


During the school year, please communicate any last minute/same day schedule changes in writing to admin@duxburystudentunion.com as early as possible.

4. Consent to Leave Form/Contract to Leave Form

The Consent to Leave/Contract to Leave Form sets expectations for your child in regard to coming and going from DSU.  Download the file, discuss and sign with your child,  and upload to DSU or email to DSU.

5. DSU Code of Conduct

The Consent to Leave/Contract to Leave Form sets expectations for your child in regard to coming and going from DSU.  Download the file, discuss and sign with your child,  and upload to DSU or email to DSU.

6. Individual Health Care Plan

Complete this form ONLY if your child has a chronic or temporary health condition that requires or may require intervention by DSU staff, only when prescribed by the student’s doctor.  Download and print, and have your child’s doctor sign the Individual Health Care Plan.

7. Medication Consent Form

Complete this form ONLY if your child will need DSU staff to administer ANY medications, both prescription and non-prescription medications, prescribed for chronic or temporary health conditions, including allergies/Epi Pens.  Please print, complete, and upload a scanned version of this document. Please note, DSU does not provide any of the above for use by program participants and will only administer medications provided by a parent along with a completed consent form. All medications require a signed consent by your child’s doctor in the form of an Individual Health Care Plan (see below).

Upload Completed Forms

Document Upload via our secure file transfer.  If you have the tools to scan your completed forms, you may upload at this link.

Sibling Discounts and Scholarships

  • DSU offers a sibling discount of $250 for the second child with a max discount of $500 for three or more children.
  • Use coupon codes at checkout:
    SIB250 for two children enrolling in Alden 5,3,2, day or any CEO Program.
    SIB500 for three or more children enrolling in Alden 5,3,2 day or any CEO Program
    Does not apply to the $199 DMS All-Acess Pass.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Sibling discounts and scholarships cannot be combined.

Click here for a list of DSU Program Scholarships available, supported by the DSU Sandy Burdick Endowment and community donations.

Required Forms

The DSU is an Early Education and Care licensed after school program requiring various consent and medical forms on file prior to the student’s first day. As some of this information is time sensitive (approved adults for pick up, schedules etc), you will be required to submit this information in August. All forms must be filled out and signed. Students are admitted to the program when fees are paid in full (or online payment plan in place) and all forms received.